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1️⃣ VRChat Worlds


Before installing LTCGI into your project, make sure you have all prerequisites installed. This includes making sure you can successfully build and upload your world to VRChat before adding LTCGI!

⚠️ If you are importing LTCGI into an existing project, make sure you have a backup first!

Creator Companion

I recommend using the VRChat Creator Companion to automate the steps below. Simply create a new project with the UdonSharp template, and you're good to go!

Manual Installation

  • You must use the latest supported version of the VRChat Worlds SDK in your project. Also ensure that you are using the correct Unity editor version for that SDK.

  • UdonSharp

  • ClientSim

The only hard dependency is UdonSharp. It is recommended to use U# 1.0 or higher, as installed by the VRChat Creator Companion. For now, LTCGI should be compatible with older versions too.

I do however very highly recommend ClientSim (previously CyanEmu), as it allows you to test your world straight in the editor.

Installing LTCGI

Download the latest version from the Releases Tab over on GitHub. You only need the ltcgi_X.Y.Z.unitypackage file for now.

Then, simply install it into your project!

Upgrading LTCGI

Download the new version and drop it into your project as described above. Note that this will reset your "Global Shader Options".